QCR Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer Timer Settings

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The QCR Shoe Dryer is a state-of-the-art boot and shoe dryer and deodorizer. It is designed to quickly dry and deodorize a pair of boots, shoes, hockey skates and gloves, ski boots and gloves, martial arts footwear and gloves, work boots, hunting boots and more. It will kill bacteria, fungus, athletes foot, and eliminate even the most severe odors while leaving the treated items smelling fresh and clean.


The unit is lightweight , has a Smart timer with a constant on (hold) option,  a heat option to reduce drying time. It is also great for warming boots and gloves for small children before they venture out into the cold. If you are looking for the best boot and shoe dryer and deodorizer for a pair of boots, then the QCR Shoe Dryer is a perfect choice.

The Shoe, Boot and Glove Dryer dries footwear and gloves quickly and quietly. An optional heat switch warms them up before you venture outside.

• Exclusive LP-UVR drying system

• Removes moisture and perspiration from shoes, sneakers, boots and gloves in about 1 hours (drying times may vary based on dampness)

• Accommodates children's and adult sizes


O3 Protection in any circumstances.


Mini Size; Max Useful


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Shoe Dryer x1

Power Adapter x1

Free Shipping

Manual x1

Sterilization Packaging x1

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QCR Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer Timer Settings
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